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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Hawkesbury River Home Builders Pty Ltd


Builders of 

  • Architect-Designed Homes
  • Extensions and Additions
  • Beautiful Decks


We specialise in building projects in just 2 areas.



Along the Hawkesbury River and areas of  Berowra Creek where access via by boat only.

This being our 1st area of expertise, we take in our stride the logistical difficulties of working on the river so that you will be thrilled knowing your dreams will, come to form, with the confidence of using the local industry expert.


We have our own custom fitted work boats to carry building materials for smaller projects on the river, and can easily co-ordinate the use of barges and heavy machinery for larger scale works.


Our clients just love the way we can organize everything for them.



Our 2nd Specialty is building in Brooklyn, Mooney Mooney and Cheero Point, 

where our extensive knowledge of the local area and river environment makes us the Sloping and Difficult Site Experts of choice. 


Whereas other builders might say " No too difficult a site" OR " Sorry we can’t pour a slab here”,  we will work with the contours of the land for an elevated single story / split-level / or multi-level design, custom built for you, for your site. 


If you have a difficult or sloping site, we will find the solution for you.


We strive to make your building experience a stress-free and enjoyable one so you can look back and be happy knowing you made the right choice. Please click on the link button above to get your copy of our ebrochure for more specific information that will be emailed out to you.


Don't put up with “not-quite-what-I-wanted”, or be disappointed in a “much cheaper” builder who could actually cost you more with mistakes from budget blow outs,  access issues, and not being able to deliver on unrealistic expectations.


You can read more on this by downloading our Free building guide and the 7 questions you must ask a builder before signing a contract, at the top of the page.