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Q/ Do you Build decks OR smaller projects?


A/ Yes, We also love Building Decks / Boatsheds and smaller works. As the Council process can sometimes be a frustrating slow process to obtain the DA or CC with desighn and Town Planing compliance, this allows us to complete these smaller projects, often for repeat customers. 


Working On The River


Q/ How much does it cost to Build a house on the river?


A/ We never use m2 rates, and quote every job individually to give it the respect it deserves ! Price is determined buy so many factors, not just  the Size of the House / complexity of desighn / type of external cladding / nature of the inclusions /characteristics of the land - Will also need to know all your desired outcomes as well, and only then  can a site specific cost analisis be given, for a one off custom build.


Q/ How much extra does it Cost on the River Over 'normal' building  sites?


A/ We get asked this a lot, BUT this is our norm !! Barge work for deliveries and rubbish removal can add around 3% - 5% to the overall cost alone though.


Q/ Do you Build wharfs?


A/ No, Wharfs are a specialty trade that need large barges and pile drivers. We can recommend the local guys for your wharf construction.


Q/ Do your Work Boats require any special registration or insurance?


A/ Yes, Any work Boat needs to be registered as 2D/ 2E Commercial registration or greater.


Q/ Do you need any special license to drive a work-boat then?


A/ Yes, any one driving a work Boat requires a normal Boat drivers license as well as an exception 38 certificate prior to July 2016 or Coxwains after July 2016. All of our employees have this training so we are totally compliant with the law.


Other Commonly Asked Questions


Q/ Do we need to take out any insurances whilst Building with you?


A/ No, Hawkesbury River Home Builders Pty Ltd have all the mandatory Insurances required, including Public Liability Insurance / Workers Compensation insurance for our employees / Builders All Risk Insurance (covering fire /theft / vandalisim / lost goods in transit) Home Warrenty Insurance Elegability Insurance


Q/ Do you design Houses?


A/  Yes, If you do not have plans we also offer a full design service with a Building Designer who will be perfectly suited to your project. We then arrange for a 3-way meeting on site, to discuss all your desired outcomes. We can also obtain all the mandatory documentation for the DA right through to CC for you if you wish. This is all done via separate contracts to the building works, so you can just let us know whenever you are ready to move forward and engage further with us the actual build contract.



Q/ What is a Soil TesT?


A/ In a Soil test or geo-technical Survey a seris of test holes can be drilled on your land to determine the soil type, as well as rock formations under the surface by other means.This is used for the engineer to design the footings accordingly, and any potential land slippage issues identified. If you requite an AWTS system, then a further report is done for suitability of the land to accomadate the extra saturated soil conditions from waste water disposal.


Q/ What is an AWTS?


A/ an 'Airated Waste Water Treatment System' are an advanced form of the old 'septic' systems. These are far more enviromentally friendly and have their own mini-treatment-system for on site effluent disposal. There are many different types available, and are usually installed buy a specialist contractor or a Waste Water Consultant.


Q/ What is a BAL catagory?


A/ This stands for  'Bush-fire Attack Level' and is a mandatory report for building in a bush fire prone land area. Your land will be placed in one of 5 catagories, from Low (BAL 12.5)  to Flame Zone (BAL 40) The BAL rating  will determine what materials you can and can not use to construct your home incase of a bushfire.


Q/ Can You incorporate Solar Systems into your Homes ?


A/ Yes, Both Solar Powered Hot Water Systems and Solar Powered Electricity systems are becoming ever more popular in our climate. We can incorporate these into the build with either stand-alone or back to the Grid power systems. The BASIX may also require this to be a part of your homes overall energy efficency rating, if building from new.


Q/ This is all a bit overwhelming for me at the moment, were do I start ?


A/ That's easy - Start but giving us a call, then sit back and put your feet up, and we can take care of everything for you.